rexx thoroughly documents the whole process of every application – from receipt, to in-house or external communication (with the applicant), through to the decision being made.

Under the tab “Contacts” you can see the entire communication history of the application. All events in connection with the application are logged here and are unchangeable. You can also see who created the event and where applicable, who was notified.

You can use the top level menu to do the following (depending on the profile settings):

• Create a manual contact entry in the communication history

• Create an individual reminder

Enter tasks

o Free assignment

o Send out a rejection

o Cancel appointment (send automatically with time delay)

o Carry out interim decision

o Send out an invitation

o Draw up a contract

• Send an email to the applicant (only active if an email address is kept on file)

• Create/send a form letter or email

Create a delivery on to one or more department decision makers / if applicable forwarding of PDF folder on to external

mail recipients

• Enter an interview appointment

• Determine costs (transport costs to an appointment etc.)

• Export data of a hired applicant on to rexx HR (separate system) to create a new employee

The colour of the To Do’s (traffic lights) depend on the particular duration spent in the recipient’s contact centre, the 'Type' icons provide information about the nature and origin of the contact entry. When there are two or more recipients the user is able to click on the blue linked number to see their names.
Info: The automatic confirmation of receipt receives its final layout after it was sent. The copy in the applicant's file may look a little different than the original sent. The applicant receives the status 'New Online'.