Survey (record)

You can configure the information in a survey record in the right-hand column (by clicking in the grey italicised fields):

  • a. The system automatically assigns the survey ID.
  • b. You can (re)name the survey here.
  • c. You can define a description of the survey here. Employees cannot see the description in the ESS.
  • d. You can select "Misc." or "Event" as the survey type. "Event" is selected when the survey is meant to refer to a specific event.
  • e. The status indicates whether the survey has already been published or not.
  • f. If the survey relates to a specific type of event, a selection can be made here from the event types defined in the system data.
  • g. Here you can define whether the survey should take place anonymously or not. If "Yes", then it is impossible to know who answered what questions how. It can only be seen in the employee record that the employee carried out the survey.
  • h. The "Event" field is only displayed when under d. "Survey Type", the value "Event" is already selected. You can then select a previously created event by clicking in the box. Note: A survey can only ever be assigned to one event. What is more, the layer that then opens only contains events to which no survey has been assigned.
  • i. If the survey type = event, you cannot define any subscribers manually here, because the participants in the event selected are defined automatically. Important: The survey is published automatically to the participants one day after the event (including weekends). If the survey type = Misc., you can assign the participants manually by clicking on the "0":
  • j.+k. show how many of the participants have already completed the survey and how many have not
  • l. Date the survey was created
  • m. Person who created the survey
  • n. Publication date
  • o. Person (user) who published the survey
  • p. Proceed to "View" to view the print version of the survey form
  • q. Editing history/Change log for the survey

The previous setting option of enabling 'Abstentions' has now been replaced by an option for making individual questions in a survey mandatory. If a question is not mandatory, the user can abstain from answering it.
Creating question groups and questions

In the left-hand column in the survey record, you can create question groups and/or individual questions by hovering with the cursor (mouse-over function) briefly over the gearwheel icon:

Creating a question group

Click on "New Question Group", enter the name and then click on "Save“.

Once you have created a group of questions, you can again create the individual questions using the mouse-over function above the corresponding group:

  • a. Entering the question
  • b. Here you can specify (as an option) whether the question refers to a house (e.g. seminar provider), a person (e.g. speaker) or an event
  • c. If you select something under "Type", you can define your selection in more detail under "Reference" (you can then maintain the values selected under "Reference" in the system data >Type: Event, house, person...).
  • d. The qualification system sets the possible answers to this question
  • e. For each question you can define whether it is a mandatory question or not (participants receive notification if the survey is completed without answering all the mandatory questions).
  • f. A free text field can be provided instead of a qualification system. A qualification system AND a free text field in combination is not possible.
  • Note: For questions with Q System (after entering the question in edit mode), you can set the Comment field to "Yes", and the "Qualification Level Comment" then appears. Here you can select the Q-System value(s) in which you want a comments section to appear in the survey

If you have already defined standard questions in the questionnaire, you can select them here as well:


Click in the box (and then on "Accept") to apply the questions or whole groups of questions to your survey:
Publishing Surveys

Once you have prepared all your questions and assigned the participants, you can publish your survey. To do so, go to the top level menu and select "Publish survey":


The participants assigned are informed that the survey has been published in a stream entry in the portal.

The author of the survey is notified in the Work Center once an employee has completed the survey. If an employee fails to complete the survey in the first run, the questionnaire can be cached ('Save' button). The survey then remains editable (the author is not notified of this).
Withdrawing Surveys

Once you have published a survey, you can also withdraw it by going to the top level menu. The survey is no longer visible in the ESS for the staff afterwards and the stream entry also disappears.

Once the survey is completed, you can view the results of the analysis by going to "Show statistics" (see screenshot), or by going to the evaluation in the survey record.


As mentioned above, the percentage calculation of the evaluation is based on the percentages for the answers (see Qualification System).