Orga-Management / Positions / Position

Each position in rexx has its own position file, which comprises a type of interface at which various contents in rexx HR converge:
  • The Position Data
  • The staff data (if the position is occupied)
  • The Responsibilities / Workflows
  • The org.-data for the unit assigned to the position
The Position Data

Mainly general details such as
  • the position type, the job family, the job category and the career level (selections maintainable are contained and can be edited in the system data)
  • whether key position or not (if Key Position = Yes 'Suggestions' appears as an additional tab)
  • whether management position or not (if Management Position = Yes when filled, this affects the employee's privileges for accessing employee records)
  • The time manager responsible
is defined if applicable.

> The position status is allocated in the system by the position occupancy rate, which in turn is oriented towards the values
  • FTE/FTE Target
  • Weekly Hours/Target Weekly Hours
in the sections 'Appointment' and 'Target position data'.

The target position data is: "Target FTE: 1.00", "Target Weekly Hours: 43.00".

The data "FTE: 1.00" and "Weekly Hours: 40.00 are imported from the employee filling the job. The result is an "Actual FTE" of 0.93, and a position occupancy rate of 93.02 % (since only 40 of the planned 43 hours are worked), which in turn results in the position status 'Understaffed'.

As a consequence, 'Exactly staffed' refers to a position where the target FTE is achieved in full by the FTEs or the appointment(s) that apply - the same is valid for 'Over-/Understaffed'.

A position is always 'Filled' when the position has any valid appointment, no matter with what FTE/position ratio - as a kind of generic top status. As a result, the Position Status filter also shows the status 'Exactly staffed', 'Overstaffed', 'Understaffed' and 'Multiple occupations' in the position list when you search for 'filled'.

The filter option 'Multiple occupations' may include the status 'Overstaffed', or 'Exactly staffed':


> The process status is controlled by the system primarily, but can also be edited manually (e.g. in the event that the recruitment process is managed outside rexx).

> You can create a position request by proceeding to the tile "New: employees, positions" > 'New request for position' or Requests for position > header menu > "new request for position".

'Double Log'

>Position Data Change On is fed from the position requests. If a position request triggers, for example, a higher grouping, a date is always transferred as well. With an approved request, this makes it possible to recognise when it triggers a change.
> Last Edited logs field entries/changes, which are made manually, in the position record.

The working hours model scheduled for this position and the remuneration data are outlined in the field section 'Target Position Data'. The 'Actual Position data' is populated by the system accordingly when the position is filled.

This field section is populated with the staff data of the staff appointed to the position and can include one or several persons (multiple appointment). In the latter case, the staff data is listed in series.

>Matching is based on the skills defined in the position and staff.